I aspire to be a cool nerd now

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but work has picked up a bit. Using my advanced scientific observation skillz, I have determined a correlation between the increased workload and Dan’s departure/Brian’s arrival. Not that Dan was slacking off or anything, but Brian is definitely a tinkerer, and he has a long list of things to try to improve our data collection. I guess he doesn’t buy into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” cliche. But I can’t complain because he did bring me a great care package from Nicole, with enough puzzle books in it to last me until the end of time! Thanks, Nicole!

Last week was the big changeover in personnel, and it has really shifted the whole atmosphere of the project, surprisingly. All of the big partiers have left (like the group who brought beers to the science meeting), so we’re a much more subdued group now. It also seems like the socialization is more in small groups as opposed to big events like it was before. (I feel like a sociologist, here!) It’s just like high school cliques! There are the nerds, the super-nerds, and the cool nerds. OK, maybe not like high school.

I promise to post more pictures soon. I have some good ones from the luau the other night. The dancing is really funny- it’s pretty much the laziest traditional dancing I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty much all arm movements, with a tiny bit of hip action every once in a while. The performers are the hotel staff, and they are entertainingly amateur, full of mistakes and confusion. Every week, it’s like they’ve never danced in front of an audience before! But in a way, that makes it even more fun.

OK, now I’m just rambling. I’ll post pictures soon!

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  1. Nicole said

    Hey I didn’t know you’d have internet. I was told no internet or any form of entertainment. What’s a roomie to do?

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