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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Well, I only have two more days in paradise!  I just got off our very last research flight (#14), and tomorrow we start packing up for the flight home on Sunday. Which is Saturday, your time. I think.  The interwebs will disappear into the ether sometime tomorrow, so this will be my last entry for a few days until I get to civilization (aka Honolulu).  This blog will continue, but most likely with less discussion on tuna.

So, to update:

Last web search that found my blog: “why are there always flies in my room”

Tuna log:

tuna with black bean sauce (good)

tuna with corn flakes, ranch dressing, and cheese (really bad)

We’ll see what they have tonight!

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Welcome, Chesney fans!

One of my favorite things about this blog is looking at the “blog stats” page.  And my favorite part of the blog stat page is the list of search terms that people have used to find the blog. I’m guessing, considering some of the search terms, that the random folks reading my blog were really search for something else and came across my silly ramblings.  For example, the person searching for “pictures Kenny Chesney airplane” probably wasn’t too impressed with my post about being forced to listen to his music.  But I think the person most let down must have been the guy today who was looking for “roach poop pictures.”

Sorry to disappoint, buddy!

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