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Research Flight 4


Just got back from my second research flight (and boy are my arms tired har). Unfortunately things didn’t go so well– only 1 out of our 3 intruments worked the way it was supposed to. It was actually kind of comical because I noticed one major problem about 3 seconds after Dan climbed out and they closed the aircraft doors (because of limited space, only one person from our group can fly. Today was my turn).

I did manage to fix a couple out of the medley of malfunctions, so that’s why I look so happy in this picture.

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Research Flight 2

Buzzing the hotelBuzzing the hotel, part 2Buzzing the hotel, part 3

I’ll admit that I did not take these pictures, for the simple reason that I was on the plane while they were shot! This was our landing approach to Christmas after a 9 hour research flight last Saturday, and apparently the pilots decided to pull a Top Gun and buzz the hotel for the pleasure of a group of Australian fisherman. Fortunately one of our programmers heard the C130 approach and ran out with his camera. Next time I have to go up to the cockpit and get pictures from the inside!

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