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One of my favorite things about this blog is looking at the “blog stats” page.  And my favorite part of the blog stat page is the list of search terms that people have used to find the blog. I’m guessing, considering some of the search terms, that the random folks reading my blog were really search for something else and came across my silly ramblings.  For example, the person searching for “pictures Kenny Chesney airplane” probably wasn’t too impressed with my post about being forced to listen to his music.  But I think the person most let down must have been the guy today who was looking for “roach poop pictures.”

Sorry to disappoint, buddy!

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So the one commercial flight into Christmas Island picked up a half dozen PASE people yesterday and left an equal number in their place. You would think that it would be nice to have new faces to see and people to talk to, but most of us still here are actually kind of sad about it! And not for the obvious reason that we’re stuck here for another 1-4 weeks, either. The plane took away a few people who were on the ferry flight out here, and we had all bonded, in a way. I guess being deprived of oxygen really brings people together. (Some of you have heard that story already, but let’s just keep it short and say that I now know what abstract terms like “cabin depressurization” and “emergency descent” feel like in real life.) For the past couple of weeks I’ve been spending a lot of my down time with the flight crew, who provide a welcome escape from the resoundingly eggheaded atmosphere. Of course, this means that I’ve been subjected to more Kenny Chesney than ever before. Oh well.

Maybe I’m just complaining because the plane took away Kurt, who was distractingly good-looking.

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