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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Well, I only have two more days in paradise!  I just got off our very last research flight (#14), and tomorrow we start packing up for the flight home on Sunday. Which is Saturday, your time. I think.  The interwebs will disappear into the ether sometime tomorrow, so this will be my last entry for a few days until I get to civilization (aka Honolulu).  This blog will continue, but most likely with less discussion on tuna.

So, to update:

Last web search that found my blog: “why are there always flies in my room”

Tuna log:

tuna with black bean sauce (good)

tuna with corn flakes, ranch dressing, and cheese (really bad)

We’ll see what they have tonight!

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But, people like the tuna log!


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Tuna log, part 2

Not too much to add to the tuna log since we’ve mostly been having repeats from the list below. We did have this bizarro dish at lunch the other day, with the standard tuna pieces covered in some sort of white sausage and biscuits-type gravy. Weird, but not totally bad. Actually, the variety of preparations is doing a pretty good job of masking the fact that we’ve been eating tuna twice a day for the past two weeks (although I’ve not given up on tuna omelettes yet). Still, I think I’ll be forgoing most fish by the time I get back!

Edited to add:  A new one! Add Salisbury Tuna to the list!  Also, yuck.

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Tuna Log, part one

There isn’t really any farming here on Christmas Island except for the government supported coconut groves. The soil is all hard crushed coral, and the groundwater is way too salty to support any kind of agriculture. Actually, this island was uninhabited until something like 1915, when the Brits (I think) colonized it with natives from the Gilbert Islands to man the coconut plantations. Anyway, the staples are fish (tuna, trevally) and imported rice, and everything else is imported from Hawaii , Fiji or Australia. Needless to say, every meal includes some sort of tuna, and the hotel cook is, well, creative. Here’s the official tuna log for the past two weeks. (Compiled by Chris Webster programmer and tuna connoisseur.) The all time record was last Wednesday night, when we had 5 different tuna dishes to choose from.

In 12 days:

Tuna Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi marinated in soy & scallions
Tuna Ceviche

Tuna Curry
Stir-fry Tuna
Sweet and Sour Tuna.
Tuna Chop Suey
Tuna Fried Rice

Blackened Tuna
Smoked Tuna
Tuna Salad
Black Bean Tuna
Pan Seared Tuna
Poached Tuna w/ Capers
Grilled Tuna
Tuna w/ grilled onions & gravy.
Tuna nuggets
Popcorn Tuna
Tuna Kebobs
Tuna Stroganoff
Tuna Loaf
Tuna Patties with gravy

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