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I suppose I should begin by explaining why I’m on Christmas Island in the first place! It’s not like this is a big tourist destination or anything (e.g. when I got my visa in June, it was visa number 744, indicating that I was only the 744th person to request a visa this year).

I’m here as a member of the Pacific Atmospheric Sulfur Experiment (PASE), a program funded by NSF to study marine atmospheric processes involving sulfur compounds. We’re here on Christmas precisely because it’s so remote, so the air is about as pristine as it can get. The sulfur cycle out here actually may have a significant impact on how the earth naturally cools itself by forming clouds (more clouds = more reflectance of sunlight back to space = coolness), so we’re trying to get a handle on this natural global cooling process. My group is here to measure hydrogen peroxide and methylhydrogen peroxide gas, which play a intermediary role in the chemical pathway. Other groups are measuring ozone, OH, SO2, aerosols, particulates, and cloud forming nuclei. Exciting, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I promise I’ll keep the science to a minimum!

Anyhoodle, I’ve been here for the last week and a half, and am scheduled to stay until the bitter end, AKA September 10th. Check back to read my ramblings about the people, the plane, the work, etc. And leave comments!

Please to enjoy!

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Hello world!

Greetings and Salutations!

I decided, per request from Amy Holland, to blog about my experiences here on Christmas Island (Kiritimati, Republic of Kiribati). I can’t guarantee the frequency of posts, especially during the second half of the project when I’ll be a lot busier. We’ll have to see how it goes, shall we?

To start, please to enjoy my flickr account.

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