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In honor of my hard down day, here are a couple of links for you to enjoy.

The Comics Curmudgeon is consistently hilarious, especially when he’s lambasting the horror that is Gil Thorp. Thanks to this website, the average age of Mary Worth readers has been reduced by at least 20 years!

Sticking with the comics theme, the guy who writes Sally Forth has a great blog, which is always funnier than the actual strip. My favorite posts include:

How not to start a cover letter” ex. “I believe I possess the essential job qualifications, experience and commitment that you not only seek but also demand for this significant position. I shit you not.” and “Mother always said Baby Jesus has a plan for every person in Christendom. I believe His plan for me was that I become your Assistant North Eastern Regional Manager of Sales Development, New Media.”

Also great are his suggestions for a new band name for Hilary (the daughter in the comic strip). ex. “Ron Weasley Harding”, “Dog Day Afternoon Delight”, and “Interpol”.

And another fun video. This is what the kids call a “mash-up.”

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Not at all PASE related

Posting this just to see if it works. I heart YouTube.

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